“We just started our pre-production process with producer Michael Beinhorn. We are absolutely thrilled with the way he has been able help us reach a new plateau in our creative endeavors. His critical and creative rigor comes at just the right moment for us. We were really trying to step back from the body of work we have created over the last 10 years and ask difficult questions about the way forward. His objective insights and vast experience have given us new tools to think about what it is we want from each song, each passage, and each note. It has been a master class for us as a band and we can’t wait to see where we end up at the end of this process!”

Dream The Electric Sleep

“You are an inspiration on how you push artists to be better, to take their art to loftier heights and to chase the song.”

Joie Blaney

“Too many books contribute to the mistaken idea that recording is a technical procedure. Technology and techniques provide the tools for the actual work: helping art and artists through their complicated and delicate journey. In “Unlocking Creativity”, Michael Beinhorn draws from his extensive experience and deep wisdom to go beyond the gear, and explore in both essential and specific terms why and how to engage with musical artists and the creative process.”

Mark Rubel

“Thanks so much for all that you do for the music/production community. I have been reading (and re-reading) unlocking creativity for years, and it is such a treat for the opportunity to share some music with you.”

Anastasios Gousios

“If you are looking for advice on what mic to use when, move on. But if you are looking for an utterly unique and in depth exploration on how to get the best out your artist (and yourself), look no further. This book could very well change your professional life.”

Frank Filipetti

“I’ve always felt that education is the key to success.  Michael’s book is a gift for all of us who want to learn from one of the most successful record producers of our time….not just a play by play of what gear one uses, but a real education into the mindset, the thought process, and the psychology behind what makes music so important and how it’s created by musicians and producers alike”.

Joe Barresi

“If you’re in music, this is one of the most helpful books you’ll ever read. Plenty of books give nuts-and-bolts, but that info is cheap and plentiful. Instead, this book tackles the deeper mindset of what it really takes to be a successful creative artist. This mindset difference is everything! Don’t under-estimate its importance. I’ve met hundreds of artists who crashed-and-burned because they were in the wrong mindset, no matter what cheap facts or connections they knew. But if you have the right mindset, you can thrive no matter where you’re starting from. This book is the best guide for that I’ve ever seen.”

Derek Sivers

“Thanks very much for doing this — incredibly generous. Your records and your book have been a great source of guidance for me. I actually started interning and then assisting Brendan O’Brien in the early 2000s largely because your production and his mixing on Superunknown were such a massive inspiration to me as a young musician.”

Steven Kaiser

“Michael’s book is more about life- empathy, psychology, experience, kindness, altruism and emotional intelligence- than it is about making records. It is the most intelligent book that I have read on the subject.  I found myself rereading paragraphs, slapping my forehead and laughing to myself about the truth that he tells. This book should be required reading for anyone who creates art.”

Ed Cherney

“Your email to me helped shape my music career. This is the first song I was ever paid for and I have made some more money producing ever since. I cannot overstate how grateful I (and many others, likely) am that you provide this annually. If I ever open a studio, your first response to me will be framed on my wall. Thank you.”

Jonathan Hammer

“I knew that Michael Beinhorn was a fierce, brilliant record producer whose body of work includes many of my favorite rock albums but I had no idea he was such a good writer. “Unlocking Creativity” is the most comprehensive, insightful book about working with artists I have ever read. I’m totally jealous.” –

Danny Goldberg

“You’re a gem. Honestly interested in just anything you have to say that could be improved here, or that you would have done a little differently. p.s. still pumping your Mew work from so long ago 🙂 cheers!”

Jordan Sears

“To navigate through the new music production world, Michael Beinhorn’s “Unlocking Creativity” is a must-read for all who plan to make this a career. I wish I had this book when I was cutting my teeth.”

Garth Richardson

“Thank you as always. I get a kick out of knowing my fave producer has listened to my stuff (regardless of whether he thinks it sucks or not!).”

Laurence Howell

“Michael Beinhorn is one of the few deep thinkers in the music business that can actually explain in glorious detail why he does something instead of just what he does. His insights into what many believe to be the mysterious art of creativity can mean the difference between freedom from second-guessing yourself during the critical time of inspiration and taking full advantage of the divine spark. Regardless of your creative endeavor, this book can offer a bright light where dark confusion reigns.”

Bobby Owsinski

“I am a big fan of Superunknown and I have discovered you in the Warren Huart’s youtube channel (Produce like a pro). I love the way you speak about music, and I’ve read your excellent book about creativity and all these anecdotes of the time spent on studio.”

Guillaume Delhumeau

“Michael Beinhorn’s “Unlocking Creativity: A Producers Guide To Making Music and Art” is more about life:  Empathy, psychology, experience, kindness, altruism, emotional intelligence,  than it is about making records.  This is the most intelligent book that I have  read about this subject.  I found myself re reading paragraphs, slapping my forehead and laughing to myself about the truth that Michael tells. This book should be required reading for anyone that creates art.”

Ed Cherney

“Thanks so much for all that you do for the music/production community. I have been reading (and re-reading) unlocking creativity for years, and it is such a treat for the opportunity to share some music with you.”

Athanasios Gousios

“I thoroughly enjoyed and employed much of your feedback from 2021 on our track “Keep On Keepin’ On”, which we were finally able to release this past November. In the spirit of that song, I had to battle cancer in 2021 and then lost my good friend and drummer in October. He had provided incredible drums parts for it, the song I am sharing today, and five more tracks before he passed away unexpectedly. It’s been a difficult couple of years, to say the least, as your post acknowledges. Thank you for doing this again!”

Todd Erickson

“Hey Michael, my name is CJ May, and first off I want to say thank you so much for your support. I’m a very big fan of your work, and in the midst of mixing my own tunes, I have turned to Superunknown countless times as a reference point. That album is damn near perfect, and I aspire to obtain a sound as full, powerful, and natural as that record.”

Christopher May

“I was lucky enough to have you critique a song I released a few years back called ‘Slow Buzz’. I was incredibly impressed with your insight and suggestions and took it all onboard. In 2021 I had a brain hemorrhage and almost died. I had to relearn all aspects of life walking, talking but most of all, how to play music! I relearned how to play again. I was then lucky to sign a deal with Golden Robot Records last year, so it’s been quite a ride! The biggest piece of advice you gave me was to write a second verse instead of repeating, you said it was lazy and you were right. I just wanted to show you more than anything that I took your advice and made the changes. Thanks again for the opportunity, any suggestions/insights you have I look forward to hearing from you once again. I’m always looking to learn.”

Laurie Gollan

“Thanks for all you do. Your work is top tier in my book. Happy New Year!”

Kevin Slack


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