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Michael is an industry professional with over 40 years of experience in music production field. Extensive work as a group leader. Leadership and creative skills developed from the ground up. Unique perspective on creative process.


Custom speaking engagements. Interacting with audience of all sizes. Speaking at business, conferences, seminars, festivals, events.


Delivering inspiring and educational messages with specialized content. Collaborating with other speakers to improve the event. Providing insight into the creative industries and how all business can be creative. Michael’s writing and music productions are often used for context. Realtime prompts and Q & A sessions after talk.

Speaking topics include:

  1. Visualization as a creative tool
  2. Artist development toolkit
  3. Creating with intent
  4. Creativity vs problem solving
  5. Using intuition and somatic awareness to make creative decisions
  6. Empathy as a creative tool
  7. Projects I have worked on: books, workbooks, printed materials and productions
  8. Solving creative problems in all fields and occupations


Foundations in Creative Music Production

Workshop Description:

This workshop is a primer on producing modern recordings using the Michael Beinhorn technique. Michael will identify and discuss his approach to creative music production based on traditional recording theory and practices. This workshop provides the participants with an opportunity to interact with Michael and observe his approach to music production. The participants will focus on processes such as pre-production and recording. The goal of this workshop is for the participant to observe and learn the key elements of the Michael Beinhorn creative music making process.

Workshop Outcomes:

Successful completion of this workshop will enable the participant to:

  1. Have a basic understanding of the Michael Beinhorn approach to production.
  2. Analyze the nature of recording from different perspectives.
  3. Identify and discuss basic elements in music production.
  4. Have a basic understanding of working creatively with musicians.
  5. Have a basic understanding of artist development.
  6. Have a basic understanding of consciousness and the inner self in music production.
  7. Have a basic understanding of enthusiasm, joy and personal investment and how they are relevant to music production.
  8. Have an understanding of the difference between creativity and problem solving.
  9. Have a basic understanding of the value of emotional and somatic connection in music.

Workshop Materials:

Michael Beinhorn – “Unlocking Creativity”

Workshop Prerequisites:

This workshop is for everyone from professional and beginner musicians, producers and music fans, to executives across different sectors and the highest levels of business. This workshop is an open format that helps facilitate both a “real world” music production experience and an understanding of creativity.

Workshop Duration – 2 to 4 days


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